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As a small charity, volunteers are crucial to our progress. We have a range of volunteering opportunities that change with the seasons. Along with our routine cleaning, feeding the birds in our care, and essential maintenance, we also have several larger projects, allowing volunteers to learn a variety of new skills including gardening, wood work, and conservation. 


Whether having a passion for wildlife and conservation, looking to learn new skills, or just looking to help in a positive way in your community, we'd love to hear from you!

Check out our volunteering opportunities below!

Volunteers needed for the summer season

***We are in desperate need of help from May to September***


Could you spare one week in the summer to help us with the huge amount of baby gulls brought to us? Mornings, afternoons, evenings, or any time you can spare would be a huge help to baby gulls. No experience needed, just a desire to help. If we had someone signed up for every time slot this could hugely increase the number of birds we are able to help.

Email: contact@birdaid.co.uk

Phone: 01323 655396

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One of the big challenges facing people with learning disabilities or autism, living in the community, is finding a way to be part of that community.


The community can be unpredictable and daunting if you have difficulties processing sensory input. Most of the simple things like going to a cafe or visiting a sports centre can be overwhelming and could tip someone into such a state of sensory confusion that all pleasure from the activity is gone.

Bird Aid invites people to meet each week in a safe environment in a rural area of Hailsham.

Our Team build trusting relationships by using Intensive Interaction in a tailored way to support their engagement and connections with others.  In doing this, we aim to make an unpredictable environment more predictable, whilst also gently extending their personal boundaries. Bird Aid offers a chance for people to ‘find their feet’ out of their safe home environment and the opportunity to become more aware of other people and develop relationships and friendships with people they wouldn’t normally meet.  We see it as a step in the journey towards being able to safely and confidently access the opportunities the community offers all of us.

Supporting them to explore communication and sociability with our team and with each other. Whilst partaking in gull and other animal welfare activities.

If you have a PA/Carer please bring them to support you (if required) and arrange their own transport. If you do not have Adult Social Care support but feel this is something you may need then we are happy to discuss.

If you are interested please contact Ian on 01323655396 or email contact@birdaid.co.uk

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