What we do


Bird Aid is a rescue and rehabilitation centre specialising in gulls. Having worked with wildlife, specialising in garden birds, our founders recognised the desperate need for specialist facilities for larger birds and, hence, Bird Aid was formed.

With gulls now in serious decline, and a real lack of information on how to care for them correctly, we aim to improve gull welfare through improving resources, collaborative efforts with associated organisations, and improving public perception of our beautiful and fascinating sea birds. 

We encourage volunteers from all sections of the community, but especially young learning disabled adults, who benefit from the theraputic effects of being outdoors and among animals. In order to provide a variety of different work experience activities we also intend to give sanctuary to other animals and to expand into gardening, woodwork, wildlife conservation and other outdoor activities.

Our aims:

- to promote the welfare of Gulls, Corvids, and other sea birds through rehab and            release programmes. 

- to promote a positive image of Gulls, Corvids and other Seabirds.

- to provide outdoor learning for the learning disabled.




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