Prince's story

In the video made by Arryn from feedingsteven (see link below), I talked about birds that are hard to let go. This is Prince, the talking Gull. He came in June 2019 at 8 days old. He was ill with a gurgly chest so was given meds and had to be kept separately. It was a struggle to get him to eat but he just about had enough to keep going. As he recovered his wings started to splay out so had to be taped. Once his wings were sorted we thought we were home free but then his feathers starting to fall out. He became completely bald within days and was just covered in downy fluff. I resigned myself to thinking he would be another permanent resident but, within a fortnight, all his feathers grew back! We then had to integrate him with the other Gulls. It took 3 months but he was finally ready for release. It's hard not to bond with a bird when you have been through so much with them. I opened his box on the beach, he came out and flew over my head and he shouted one last 'Hello' loudly before flying away. It was one of the most emotional moments of my life. Prince is just one of the special animals that we have had and will certainly never be forgotten.
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