Sparrow came in to us from Brighton with a badly broken leg. She had been living with her leg dangling for so long that the top part had already healed over. She was lucky that a lady had been feeding her through her seafront window. The lady was advised to throw food into the room and catch her.


The lower part of her leg had 2cm bone protruding and, with the top part healed over and the risk of infection, the only option was to lay the bone against the upper leg and splint. We did not expect a good result but amazing things can happen.

Despite her splinted leg Sparrow could still be active and mix with the other hospital birds.

Sparrow was very patient whilst we checked her leg at regular intervals. 10 days after admittance the wound was healing well but needed resplinting. No sign of infection and although Sparrow rested a lot, she was still lively and eating well. Another 8 days and the leg was definitely saved but was twisted. The splint was removed and bandage support applied around the break (top of the leg). We tried putting Sparrow into our Physio run but she was not active so was brought back in. Day 36 and this time Sparrow was fine in Physio area and acting normally.

Day 60 . The leg is straight, strong and fully functional. Sparrow is now awaiting release and can live a normal life. A long process but worth it .

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