Feathered Friends

We had a call from Tony at Wras in July 2020. "We have a four footed baby gull, would you like him?" Our answer was "Yes, of course".Here is Jake's story in pictures.


Jake was two weeks old when he came in, after falling from his nest. His two extra feet were growing from his hock joints and were seriously impeding his walking. 

Our immediate concern was to make Jake more comfortable, so we made him a shoe to keep his foot straight. After it was fitted Jake spent the next few days running up and down his cage.

Investigations were underway to see if an operation was feasible. We contacted Seers Croft vets to see if they were willing to operate. In the meantime, his stiff joint had loosened and was fully mobile. This made us even more determined to get his treatment arranged urgently.

After a successful fundraising appeal, it was time for Jake to go for his op. We decided that Daisy would keep him overnight and take him first thing in the morning.

Here he is in his travel cot ready for supper.

His operation went well. We were advised that it would be too risky to completely remove his feet as this would compromise the blood supply. He stayed overnight and we really missed him as he is a lovely character.

Jake's home but he has noticed that something is missing.

Here he is looking very pleased with the result.

Now all he has to do is practice his walking. Once his wounds have fully healed, he can make friends and , hopefully, be released.

Although he is no longer a four footed gull, he is still a very special boy and one that we will always remember.

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