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Bird Aid is a rescue and rehabilitaion centre specialising in gulls. We originally worked in wildlife rescue and specialised in garden birds. After working in this field for a few years we realised that, although garden birds are very popular among other rescue centres, there was a desperate need for specialist facilities for larger birds. 

Gulls are now in serious decline and there is a lack of information about keeping them correctly. By keeping accurate records, and constantly trying to improve our facilities, we hope to help other rescue centres who may not have experience of keeping gulls long term. Seabirds have very particular problems, and we have so far found that they can be overcome with the correct treatment and facilities.


We work very closely with local vets and are dedicated to giving our birds the best food and facilities that are available.

We encourage volunteers from all sections of the community, but especially young learning disabled adults, who benefit from the theraputic effects of being outdoors and among animals.

In order to provide a variety of different work experience activities we also intend, when we aquire more land, to give sanctuary to other animals and to expand into gardening, woodwork, wildlife conservation and other outdoor activities.


Our aim is to increase the number of aviaries for our birds so that we can help more each year, and to have enough land so that it can be used by other charities, or groups of young adults in the wider community.


We would like to educate people about birds in general, and especially gulls, so that they appreciate, and help to conserve, these much maligned creatures.


We have a no kill policy which means that once we decide to take  a bird into our care we will do everything we can to rehabilitate it (we cannot perform miracles  and cannot save everything) and providing it is not suffering and we feel it can have a quality of life. We know our limitations from experience.

When we were not as confident we believed others who said the bird will be fine with some convelence time only to have to watch an bird suffer a slow lingering death because we believed the rescuers had more knowledge than us. But we suspect they just wanted to feel good in themselves in their belief they had rescued the bird but in reality had no experience of long term rehabilition. 

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